Samuel Kept doing what was right

Teach your Children

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Samuel Kept doing what was right


Teach your Children brochure worksheets

The slave provides us with a plethora of tools to teach our children. I remember seeing these articles in the Watchtower years ago before we had ¬†public and study editions. I’m glad to see these have been put in a brochure for us! I will be using the brochure to put together worksheets for each article. If you do not have the brochure here is the link to the website. I double spaced the lines on the worksheets so your younger kiddos can have plenty of space to write. ENJOY!


Here is the link for lesson #1 – A secret that we are happy to know

Rahab listened to the good news – Bible Education


This lesson is taken from the August 1, 2009 Watchtower, page 24 & 25. I have attached the links those pages in the links below.

Instructions: Read the Watchtower article and write the following questions in you Bible education journal. Look up the scriptures in the article to get a deeper understanding from the Bible.

1) What important news did Rahab hear when she was young?

2) How did she treat the Israelite spies, and why?

3) What did Rahab have the spies promise?

4) How do we know that Jehovah was pleased with Rahab, and how can you be like her?

Page 24:

Page 25