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Hello, My name is Toni. I’m a 2nd  year home school parent and I wanted to document my journey as well as share some of the information (worksheets, links, lesson plans) I have managed to find after countless hours of searching the internet for curriculum. Any parent who has experienced this knows that trying to find the right curriculum for your kids can be a daunting task (especially if your on a budget), not to mention if you would like to have Bible based material that comes from Jehovah God. I have spent countless hours (and money I did not have) on books and curriculum only to find that I either did not like it or had to change so much of it that I had to start from scratch.

Let me be the first to say that I am new to this. I created this blog simply to share the information with friends who  may not have the time to search for all these free goodies and teaching tools out there on the internet.  I also will be putting together reading comprehension sheets and literature schedules based on our plethora of  information provided in our Watchtower and Awake magazines as well as the JW.org website. I am baptized but I do not represent the governing body of the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society, I’m just looking for a way to teach my children and make learning about Jehovah enjoyable and sharing what we do in our classroom with you.  With that being said,  please be respectful in any posts or comments.

If there is a problem or unintentional copyright infringement, please, contact me via email and I will take care of it as soon as possible. Email is Toni.homeschool@gmail.com


Toni aka Mizztona



  1. I understand your dilemma! 😉 AND..we will figure it out with Jehovah leading the way…There is a curriculum option from a Sister that made her own…I ordered it at the beginning of the year and it didn’t fit our family well, or we weren’t in the spot to use it well with all the adjustments as newbies to this journey. It is called OakMeadow.

  2. hello dear sister and thank you for all your work. Yes I too spend countless hours trauling the web to find that special curriculum especially in a way that really utilises all the fine material from the society. I have an added difficulty in that there is not alot available to us here in New Zealand… most books have to be ordered from the US and I don’t want to purchase materials without first inspecting them. Anyway I am very excited about discovering you’re site as well as that of another sister Margitte at homeschoolaholics and the Herrmann Homeschool- two sisters that produce some beautiful work.
    Jehovah’s blessing on you for your generous spirit

    • Hi Charlene, when I said I am not affiliated I mean that I do not represent the governing body. I am a baptized witness myself as well. I just didn’t want anybody to get the wrong impression. Maybe I will go in and re-word that… I am simply a homeschool mom and I am a witness trying to teach my kids about Jehovah and sharing what I’m doing in my homeschool. Hope this explanation helps. Thank you

    • Hi sister,

      I am from Australia and am just beginning to look at homeschooling my eldest daughter (8).

      I appreciate all the info on your site, so thank you. I noted a comment above about a sister Magritte and the herrmann homeschool. I have had trouble finding either of these, are you able to send me a website please.

      Thanks again for your hardwork I’m sure we will utilise it when we get to that point.

      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Sister!
    I stumbled across your profile today on Google+. So neat to meet other sisters that homeschool! Aren’t we blessed with an ABUNDANCE of material for our kids? We do bible study every day in our school (A New World Academy, hehe) and so the other day I planned out the next three years and what book or publication we would do, and there was still so much I wanted to do that wasn’t on there! And just think of all the new releases that we will get in between then…Lol! WE ARE FED.
    Okay, have a great day sis! (You can find me at “simplylindseyloo” if you’d like to connect.)

  4. Hello sister. I just found your website from doing a Google search also. I have just began the process of enrolling my son for homeschooling next year. He will use the public/virtual home school curriculum provided online and I want to couple this public required schooling with the continued studies of what he is learning weekly through Jehovah’s organization also. Let me also say that I too am a baptized witness of Jehovah and I am striving to help my son, who is nine, to learn to serve Jehovah from the heart. I have been praying about homeschooling for almost four years but this year I made the decision to take steps to set our homeschooling in motion for the 2015-2016 school year. The last straw was that my son’s curriculum at school included the learning about Greek Mythology, and that is okay to a certain degree, however, when he was given an assignment called, “Ask-a-God” in which they were required to use a god and goddess booklet to decide which god or goddess they should write their prayer to and what their request was, then I said that was the last straw. I am trying to be balanced as I begin putting together our schedule for the fall which will encompass field service also two days a week. Do you have any suggestions for a doable and yet balanced home school schedule. Thanks so much for your help and this site is a gift from Jehovah for new home school parents like myself.

    • Hi Mary, Sorry for the delayed response. It’s been pretty hectic for my family and we are in the process of packing and moving! Last year we did a year round schedule with 4 days on and 3 days off. It worked for my family but it was somewhat difficult when my son was on break and my daughter was not. I did a post on my school schedule, you may want to look at that post if you haven’t already.
      You would do well to prepare now for next year in the event that you do not like the online virtual school. We tried that and it did not work for us but some families have success with their program. I’d do my research before committing to it.
      The first year will be tough but set a schedule and stick to it. Be sure to check out Tina’s Dynamic homeschool blog. It helped me so much. Also there is a FREE curriculum at Easy Peasy homeschool from grades k-12. It’s awesome too. I had to switch out her Bible class for my own but other than that everything is done for the parent (Life Saving!) and takes the load off of you.

  5. wow, So happy to find your blog. I am also a baptized witness. I LOVE margitte, and Jenny (westbrook). Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE my planner from Tina’s website (also a sister! lol haha).

    I also help run a facebook group (secret so you won’t find it in searches) for homeschooling sisters. (well one brother is in the group! lol).

    This is my fourth year homeschooling. I live in Kansas. We used a virtual school, that used Calvert for our first 3 years. This year we are on our own, and I am making up my own curricula. I also made up our own Bible Reading schedule incorporating every thing from JW.org for children, and it is also a 3 year cycle! I am homeschooling three children, 4-9 years old.

    Please please contact me any one who would like to join my facebook group, well baptized witnesses only, please! I’m pretty sure that you can either contact me through my email below, or my own blog. Which I desperately need to get on top of! lol

    And I will be passing your blog around! So cool!

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