Mcgraw-Hill Science textbook PDF


California Interactive Science Textbook

Grade 5

Publisher: Macmillian Mcgraw-Hill

Pages: 208


Free Reading book and assignment


Title: Snakes in the rain forest

By: Dina Anastasio

National content standard: Life Science

Grade: 4

Comprehension check at the end of reading and literacy activities.

Benchmark: 34, Lexile: 760

Genre: Informational non-fiction

5th Grade Language Arts textbook, Printable workbook and more!!

This is an awesome find!!! I was able to get the 5th grade Mcgraw-Hill Language arts book “Treasures” along with the spelling, grammar and practice workbooks and glossary. This book set is AWESOME!! Grade 5 language arts program for FREE!!!!


Treasures  Language arts textbook- Grade 5 (The entire book is broken up into units. This is the complete book)

Unit 1- Challenges

Unit 2- Discoveries

Unit 3- Turning points

Unit 4- Experiences

Unit 5 – Achievements

Unit 6- Great Ideas

Treasures Glossary-

Treasures Grammar Workbook-

Treasures Spelling workbook-

Treasures practice workbook- Level O (5th grade, standard level)