The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe Study guide and teacher key

This is the complete study guide and teacher key. For grades 5-8. This is everything you’ll need to assign and complete this book! What a great find online…. Hope you enjoy!!!

The 70 page guide includes:

  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Comprehension section
  • Critical thinking
  • Write, discuss, create

Study Guide

Teacher Key


Snakes in Asia & Africa Online book with Work packet

This free reading comprehension packet is based on the book entitled “Snakes in Asia and Africa” by Dina Anastasio. I used some of the questions from the book and added a little bit of my own. Hope you enjoy this free homeschool assignment! This is ideal for grades 4-5.

Link to Book: Snakes in Asia and Africa

9 page packet includes

Vocabulary section

Question and answer

Word search

Writing assignment

Fact finding

Free foreign language program

For the longest time I’ve wanted to learn and teach my kids a foreign language. I took 3 years of Spanish when I was in school but I forgot majority of it due to lack of use. I was talking to a friend who told me about a free online program that a lot of the witness friends are using to learn foreign languages but she didn’t remember the site. I went on a search to find this free program and I found one that I like and I will start using for my both my daughter and myself.

We decided to go with Duo Lingo. It has short easy to learn lessons, In lesson grading, games and you can use it on your tablet (apple and android).

You can link it to social media (I did not)  but if you are using this for your children, I’d suggest you edit the profile and in the “bio” section and tell people you don’t want friends. I set up a profile for my 10 year old and in the profile I politely put “WE DON’T WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND. MOVE ALONG” Yup- I did… – Teaches 6 languages -Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

I’m really excited to begin this program and I’ll give you an update to let you know how it goes!

Grade 5 school schedule

This is my Grade 5 year round school schedule. I originally was going to schedule Friday’s off but after considering the field ministry, I think Monday’s will be a better day during the week to get out with the children. I know it looks like a lot but I wanted to make sure my daughter was getting the same types of classes she would be getting in a public school setting. Our days usually end before 3:30 but it’s nice to have that time set aside just in case an assignment goes longer than expected. Most classes will be scheduled in 30 minute blocks except math which we do for an hour each day. I like to start with math in my schedule because it’s both my daughter and my least favorite subject and I like to get it out of the way so it’s smooth sailing for the rest of the day.

Materials used this year….

Math class- we are using Khan academy but I may start using Xtra math this year.

Bible class- we are using the book “What does the Bible really teach?” as a bible study aid. Since we have Bible class scheduled daily we only read until the next subheading. Be sure to look up every scripture noted and discuss with your student to make sure the principals are understood (If your child is not yet on the level to read the Bible teach book you can use the “Learn from the great teacher” or “My book of Bible stories”) Once we complete the Bible teach book we will be moving on to the God’s love book.  (This is the only class you will need to do with your child)

Art class- We paint, draw, color and do picture studies. I’ve also found some artist biographies to complete while studying particular artists. I purchased a used textbook called Art connections which has some great assignments as well. I also posted previously a link to Mrs. Brown’s art class.

Read aloud- I really found that having my daughter listen to audio books while reading along helped her with reading. The free audiobook app we use is Librivox (free on android play store). hey also have a windows 8 application (free) or you can go to the website There are several languages supported. When I have a spiritual audio book assigned we use and we also downloaded an excellent app called JW pod-caster (free on android play store). It has a ton of literature (from the website) that you can listen to as well. Reading and listening to literature helps your student improve their reading skills.

Health- We are using Harcourt Health and fitness grade 5 textbook.    I make up questions based on the reading and there are also some questions provided as well.

Computer- We are focusing on keyboarding skills this year. I am using Learn to type (free online program). We also add in some typing games that I search for online to break up the monotony of typing.

Reading- I loved reading growing up and so does my daughter. We use reading comprehension books and I also use chapter books. With the chapter books I typically skim over and look up comprehension questions and  vocabulary words. You can sometimes find questions and answers online based on the chapters of whatever book your reading.  We also do lapbooks which my daughter really enjoys doing.

TIP:  Try to schedule reading before lunch that way you have time to start cooking lunch (or dinner) before class is over.  I’ve found it helps me with managing my time…

Grammar- We are using Exercises in English level E language arts book. Any grade level language arts book will do. I assign two pages per day.

Writing– For writing we do copy work, cursive practice and creative writing. I like to use scriptures from the bible and Ambleside online has some copy work assigned per grade level. I did use majority of the Ambleside copy work assignments BUT some of the passages are taken from classic literature that have a racial attitudes and language. I personally decided to leave those out.

Spelling– I use Spelling city (free online) to create lists and spelling tests. See my older post on spelling city of you are not familiar.

Geography, Science and Music- I decided to use for my Geography, music and Science. I have my own Harcourt Science textbook that I may switch back to but this was already done and because I was exhausted with planning curriculum,  I used  someone else’s.

PE- I use YouTube for PE. I find kids Zumba or other children’s fitness routines and have my daughter a video 1-3 times depending on the length of the video. It’s very important that we keep our kids active and doing a dance routine is a fun way to do it. Sometimes we all join in the fun!

So now that you know what I am using and below is my schedule for the day. While my daughter is doing math, I have time to work with my son who is in pre-k. I’ll do a separate post for my pre-k learner.


Year Round. Tuesday- Friday Schedule.  One month off for Summer break and three additional weeks off during the school year to be added when we want a break or vacation. Having Monday’s off we can go out in service and do housework. We can also use Monday’s as a makeup day if you need to make up a missed school day.

8:30 Daily Text Daily Text Daily Text Daily Text No class/ make up
8:45 Math Math Math Math No class/ Make up
9:45 Bible Bible Bible Bible No class/ make up
10:15 Art Read Aloud Art Read Aloud No class/ make up
10:45 15 min break 15 min break 15 min break 15 min break No class/ make up
11:00 Health Computer Health Computer No class/ make up
11:30 Reading Reading Reading Reading No class/ make up
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch No class/ make up
12:30 Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar No class/ make up
1:00 Writing Writing Writing Writing No class/ make up
1:30 Spelling Spelling Spelling Spelling No class/ make up
2:00 Geography Geography Geography Geography No class/ make up
2:30 Science Science Science Science No class/ make up
3:00 Music PE Music PE No class/ make up



Free Social Studies website for K-8




While getting my plan together for next year along with the resources I will use, I found another great website to share. I found This site will be a great tool for teaching social studies for FREE!

The site covers the following:

US States


Online flashcards

Printable games

Coloring pages

Culture and Civics



US Presidents




Printable Tests and Quizzes- Nice!

States and Capitals

Census activities

Community Activities

Word Scrambles

You can pick by subject or grade level. They even have free curriculum suggestions for the different classes. This is a great find!! I will surely be using some of the materials here!!


Frida Kahlo – 3 page packet with answer sheet


This 3 page packet is for grade level 4-5. This packet can be used for reading comprehension, art, Mexican culture, biography. The last page is the answer sheet.

Free lesson plans from Discovery kids

I found this website today and wanted to share!! Kids discover has free lesson plans and activity packets for you to print off for free. They have teacher and student downloads. The topics include ancient India and China, African kingdoms, 5 senses, 7 wonders of the world, American revolution, atoms and so many more!! The packets even have answer sheets for parents. Check it out for sure!!