Free foreign language program

For the longest time I’ve wanted to learn and teach my kids a foreign language. I took 3 years of Spanish when I was in school but I forgot majority of it due to lack of use. I was talking to a friend who told me about a free online program that a lot of the witness friends are using to learn foreign languages but she didn’t remember the site. I went on a search to find this free program and I found one that I like and I will start using for my both my daughter and myself.

We decided to go with Duo Lingo. It has short easy to learn lessons, In lesson grading, games and you can use it on your tablet (apple and android).

You can link it to social media (I did not)  but if you are using this for your children, I’d suggest you edit the profile and in the “bio” section and tell people you don’t want friends. I set up a profile for my 10 year old and in the profile I politely put “WE DON’T WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND. MOVE ALONG” Yup- I did… – Teaches 6 languages -Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

I’m really excited to begin this program and I’ll give you an update to let you know how it goes!



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