When your child is disabled


This article was very helpful for me. As you may already know, my son is on the autism spectrum. As his parent I’ve felt like sometimes I was on a roller coaster trying to help my son and cope with how I was feeling in reaction to his quirks and/or behaviors. I’ve prayed many days to Jehovah to help my son and to give me and my family the strength and endurance to care for him. Some days have been great while others have left me feeling drained and defeated. I was told to read this Bible based article by my mother and I was glad she told me about it. I felt renewed after reading this wanted to share this with you. Whether you are a Jehovah’s Witness or not, this Bible based counsel will help you. Feel free to look up the highlighted scriptures or grab your own Bible to look them up. Either way you will feel encouraged by the power of God’s words. There are many other encouraging articles if you are interested at Jw.org



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