Ducksters! Awesome new homeschool resource!!!

I’m sitting here finishing up my curriculum for the remainder of the year (YES!!!) and I was looking for something to supplement our World History class. I came across  and had to share this site with you guys! This site looks awesome and I plan on using this tool to help with our homeschooling to mix things up.

This site has: US History, World History, Geography, Science, Study help and more!


Spelling City


I was looking for a website that could help my daughter practice spelling. I stumbled across a site called Spelling city and we will now be adding this to our homeschool curriculum. This AWESOME site has a free and paid membership. I am going with the free membership for now but if I really like it, I’ll spend the $29.99 for a one year premium membership for up to 5 students. This site is a fun way to practice  spelling words and you can also  give your students spelling tests as well. 

I like this site because:

* I can create my own custom spelling lists.

* My student can play games using my custom spelling list (Premium membership has more game options).

* Parent/Teacher homepage to keep track of  spelling lists.

* Students learn vocabulary.

* You can create and print free handwriting worksheets based on your spelling list.


Check it out!!

Frida Kahlo – 3 page packet with answer sheet


This 3 page packet is for grade level 4-5. This packet can be used for reading comprehension, art, Mexican culture, biography. The last page is the answer sheet.

Free lesson plans from Discovery kids

I found this website today and wanted to share!! Kids discover has free lesson plans and activity packets for you to print off for free. They have teacher and student downloads. The topics include ancient India and China, African kingdoms, 5 senses, 7 wonders of the world, American revolution, atoms and so many more!! The packets even have answer sheets for parents. Check it out for sure!!

List of free and affordable Homeschool resources

1Homeschooling your kids shouldn’t be expensive. Due to a change in financial circumstances, I don’t have the budget  I spent this school year so I must be frugal. I will be updating this list periodically with free and low cost homeschool resources and stores I find homeschool supplies on the cheap.


Homeschooling resources

1. – Typical course study/ what your child should learn per grade
2. – Free curriculum (Charlotte Mason based)
3. – Free christian based curriculum
4. – Pre-k
5. – Early phonics (pre-k & kinder)
6. – Math
7. – free study units
8. – Biblical worksheets
9. – free printable grammar/ English
10. – science
11. – science , virtual frog dissection
12. – science
13. – free printable
14. – Free printables
15. – Free study units and more
16. – curriculum
17. – free study units
18. -Free study units under curriculum
19. – free printables
20. – free printables
21. – free binder cover templates
22. create free math printable worksheets
23. – Free unit studies
24. – Free complete homeschool curriculum (Pre-k- high school)
25. Awesome printables and DIY planner pages and help for the parents
26. – Free education lessons ideas and videos from National Geographic
27. – free study units
28. – create free handwriting worksheets
29. – Free printable worksheets
31. – TONS of free homeschool stuff
32. -Lots of vocabulary games (K-12)
33. – Awesome site to get lapbooks, notebooking pages, worksheets etc.. FREE

34. History, Geography, science etc… Free

35. – free worksheets, quizzes, lists etc…2000+ free worksheets


Planning for my second year of homeschool

This year has been a learning experience for me.  I almost thought I was going to give up and send my daughter back to public school because homeschool seemed so time consuming and I was overwhelmed.  I went from creating my own curriculum to K-12 and RAN back to doing my own curriculum-quickly! I read all of the mommy homeschool blogs and finally came to the conclusion (after lots  of prayer) that I have to do what works for me and my family and it’s okay if we mess up sometimes.  I was in such a panic to line my homeschool with what I saw in the homeschool blogs and sometimes I was very discouraged thinking ” I wish I could do that “. As someone who is learning to be more organized, it’s been a challenge since I am a go with the flow kinda person. I learned my children needed more structure and frankly so did I.  Some changes we will be implementing is the schedule.

I decided to do the year-round school for a couple of reasons: 1) If my daughter doesn’t use it, she starts to lose it. We’ve spent so much time refreshing skills already learned in public school because we haven’t done them in a while. 2) If I get off of my routine, it’s hard getting back in and we suffer for about one week while mom tries to pull it together.

I found a 2014-2015 calender online and started to plan my school year. I’ve decided that we will have a 4 day school week (Mon-Thurs) and on Friday’s we can go out in service or work on any incomplete assignments from the week.

The crazy thing I am going to attempt is planning an entire school year in one weekend so I don’t waste time planning curriculum during the year and it frees up so much time.  Here is the link for the blog I got the idea from:

When I first saw this, I thought it was crazy. There was no way I thought I could do an entire year in one weekend. I know I wanted to do year round but and just figured I would have to set aside time to plan my curriculum each week.  After printing a calender this is what I came up with:

2014-2015 Homeschool Calender:

Days of school each month on Mon-Thur schedule.

July –  16 Days

August- 16 Days

September- 18 Days   (End of 1st quarter)

October- 18 Days

November- 16 Days

December- 19 Days  (End of 2nd quarter)

January- 17 days

February – 16 Days

March -16 Days (End of 3rd quarter)

April – 18 Days

May – 10 Days (180 Days of school)

Since we don’t celebrate National Holidays, I get a weekly break which is much needed every week.
I like this schedule and wish I would have thought of it sooner! This gives the family a 3 day weekend every weekend. I have the flexibility to have a scheduled “make-up” day every week if something needs to be completed or if anyone was sick and this doesn’t cut into our normal family time. I’m hopeful this schedule will work. After looking at the number of days in each month, it doesn’t seem so unrealistic to sit down for a weekend to plan out the entire year. A weekend sacrificed is worth not having to plan out curriculum every week .