Stepped away for a minute….

I was beginning to feel overwhelmed trying to make sure my daughter was learning all she could for her grade. I decided to enroll in K12 (TXVA) and we withdrew her 3 weeks later. I thought having someone else to put my curriculum together would free up some of my time… I was wrong. I had such a hard time keeping up with the growing mountain of assignments and K mail. Now we are back to doing homeschool and I feel relieved! I decided to spend $100 on two programs that I thought could be helpful and wanted to share with you all.


ABC TEACH- Not to be confused with Abc Mouse. This site has been a Godsend with being able to print off assignments  (and answer sheets). It has some free pages to print but it is worth paying $ 39.99 for a one year membership. There are so many pages that are for members only and it covers all subjects from pre-k to high school. You will want to check this site out!

Study Island  –

Study Island is used by k12 and some of the public schools. It is a study program that will help to make sure your child is able to pass the basic standards testing for your state. I LOVE this program. It is state specific so when you purchase ($59.00 1 yr membership) you need to choose your state. By taking these lessons, assignments and pre and post tests you will know what your child needs to improve on and your able to focus on those areas with lessons provided within the program. I like this program because it helps me to know we are on the right track and I know she’s learning on the same level as the public school kids and if needed she could pass the TEKS test.



  1. I just wanted to say we are doing k12 and I feel exactly as you do! I was wondering if perhaps I was just being overwhelmed by the vast amount of work or it was the program. I feel so much better knowing in not alone in my struggles with trying to get all the work done. Thank you off sharing your experience. I’m still not sure I’m ready to go off all on my own, but I feel so much better. Thanks!

    • I originally felt like I was not qualified to make my own curriculum and I was terrified of making a mistake. You can do it. All the hours I spent trying to do k12 is cut in half now and both of us are less stressed at home. Those last two websites I posted have saved us from having to put my daughter back in public school. It was worth the $100 I spent. Plus you’ll get to keep your workbooks from k12 anyway. Pray about it. It takes time to do your own curriculum but not more than your already giving. The awesome thing is ABC teach has the answer sheets for you included in the printouts. If your overwhelmed, it’s worth looking into to keep your sanity!

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