22 Tips for teaching students on the Autism spectrum


I found this today when doing some research for my son who is on the spectrum. There is so much information out there, sometimes it’s overwhelming and discouraging. ¬†As a parent who had no background or education on autism I found it difficult looking online for answers with how to cope, how to teach him and how to help him. I still have difficulty but with prayer and being extremely hands on it is getting better. Although I still have a lot of questions, I will post links to information that I think will help us on our journey and it could possibly be of some help to you.

This link has some pretty useful tips that could help.



Bible trivia game for family worship


I was looking for a way to make family worship night entertaining for my kids and wanted to make a game to play. I searched the Insight books to find questions but needed a little help. I found this link for “1001 Bible trivia questions” and it helped so much!! I was able to make a game that the children and adults enjoy. For bonus points, have your older children and adults locate the Bible scripture!

Friends, this is not a JW site and some of the questions come from a Christendom point of view. I went in and changed (or left out) the questions that we do not agree with.

Here is the link to the Posting!


Hope this helps make family worship night entertaining for you and your family!