Khan academy


 I am not a math wiz, in all honesty, I hated math growing up. I always found it difficult and that was one thing that scared me about homeschooling my kids. I started my daughter off with Saxon math because I thought using a textbook would be the best thing to use and after graduating from public school, it was all I had been used to using. She was having a hard time getting my approach and it was frustrating when she didn’t understand the way I was trying to explain things to her. After many long and frustrating days, I was in search of a new way to do math that would be easier for the both of us.

One day I came across Khan Academy. It has been such a turn around in math since switching to Khan Academy (KA). Here are some things  that I found AMAZING about this site

– It’s FREE

– You take a pre-test to see where your skills are and where you need practice. Parents can go in and assign lessons and KA will assign lessons as well.

– KA keeps track of what skills your child has practiced, needs to practice and has mastered in an easy to read chart.

– There are videos in each area of math to show your child (and parent) how to do that particular type of problem if you need help or refresh your memory. These are wonderful for the mathematically challenged parent like myself.

– Everything is assigned according to grade level. This saves time and sanity!

I have been using this for 10 days now and it has been great so far. Here is the link for you to check it out for yourself.


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