Picking my schedule!

For sometime now, I’ve been trying to figure out how should do my homeschool schedule. Year round or follow the public school schedule? Connections Academy, K12 or do my own thing?  After much prayer and consulting some of the Sisters in the congregations who homeschool, I decided not to go with the online route. I didn’t find anything wrong with the programs themselves but I really wanted to get us on a better spiritual routine without adding to the already hectic schedule. In addition to that I wanted to make our own schedule and going with an online public school did not allow me to do that.

After searching countless “mommy blogs” I came up with a schedule that works for our family and gives us a day during the week to go out in the ministry. I went to http://tinasdynamichomeschoolplus.com and found a tremendous amount of help with organizing my classes and schedule. Check it out if you need good printable planner pages and homeschooling info to get started!  It was very helpful.

I decided to go year round with the beginning of the school year starting in August to July. The schedule goes as follows:

Monday: Class

Tuesday: Class

Wednesday: Ministry/ (make up day for any missed work) No “official” class scheduled

Thursday: Class

Friday: Class

We schedule a Month off of school for summer break in July and a week off for Spring break in April.  Doing my schedule this way allows for mom to get a weekly mental break and time to prepare the next couple of days of schooling if I happen to fall behind! Pick whichever schedule works for you and your situation. There are plenty of options and I’ll post what I can find!




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