The Greatest Man who ever lived worksheets chapters 19-21


Chapter 19-

Chapter 20-

Chapter 21-

The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe Study guide and teacher key


This is the complete study guide and teacher key. For grades 5-8. This is everything you’ll need to assign and complete this book! What a great find online…. Hope you enjoy!!!

The 70 page guide includes:

  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Comprehension section
  • Critical thinking
  • Write, discuss, create

Study Guide

Teacher Key

Greatest Man who ever lived worksheets chapters 13-18


Chapter 13-

Chapter 14-

Chapter 15-

Chapter 16-

Chapter 17-

Chapter 18-

Greatest Man Worksheets Chapters 7-12


Here are the worksheets for chapters 7-12.

Chapter 7-

Chapter 8-

Chapter 9-

Chapter 10-

Chapter 11-

Chapter 12-

Snakes in Asia & Africa Online book with Work packet


This free reading comprehension packet is based on the book entitled “Snakes in Asia and Africa” by Dina Anastasio. I used some of the questions from the book and added a little bit of my own. Hope you enjoy this free homeschool assignment! This is ideal for grades 4-5.

Link to Book: Snakes in Asia and Africa

9 page packet includes

Vocabulary section

Question and answer

Word search

Writing assignment

Fact finding